Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Stratford Festival Presents Monty Python and the Holy Grail!

This special presentation will feature DOOR PRIZES and a chance to WIN TICKETS to the Stratford Festival's 2023 production of SPAMALOT, now on stage at the Avon Theatre!

Once in a lifetime there comes a motion picture that changes the whole history of motion pictures. A picture so stunning in its effect, so vast in its impact that it profoundly affects the lives of those who see it. That picture might well be MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL. As King Arthur and his Knights search for the Holy Grail, you can experience again (or for the first time) every severed limb, a killer rabbit, coconuts, and shrubbery.

“Holy Grail has more than enough killer lines, sight gags and inspired absurdity to qualify as a medieval laff-riot. Highlights include an encounter with a homicidal bunny, Launcelotís misguided wedding guest massacre, Michael Palin's bolshy peasant ridiculing the Lady Of The Lake, and, of course, the use of coconut shells in place of actual trusty steeds.” - Empire

"Their film is a long-lasting tribute to comedic film history and one to be savoured over and over again." - Cinema Sight

“...A film that deserves any hoopla catapulted in its direction… A subversive comedy that wears its political leanings right there on its silly sleeve. It’s a loud, blatting raspberry to the entire concept of heroic mythology, quest literature, and even plot itself.” - Chris Barsanti, PopMatters


No screenings currently scheduled.

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