Tribute to Frédéric Back / Fundraiser for 10,000 Trees. Family Event!

MONDAY, MAY 5th, 7:00pm at the ORIGINAL PRINCESS                         

Tribute to Frédéric Back / Fundraiser for 10,000 Trees


Frédéric Back was one of Canada’s great, visionary artists.

A two-time Oscar-winning animator, Back, who died at the age of 89 on Dec. 24 2013, was best-known for his short film ‘The Man Who Planted Trees.’ A life-long conservationist, Mr. Back was a trailblazer who addressed environmental issues long before it was considered fashionable to do so. More important to Back than the international acclaim he achieved was the message he sought to convey through his films. He wanted to motivate people “to help our beautiful and fragile planet in its hour of great need.”

Frédéric Back personally planted over 30,000 trees and encouraged hundreds of other people to do the same, for “trees are essential to the miracle of life on our planet.”

With this legacy in mind, the Tribute to Frédéric Back, which will screen six of Mr. Back’s best-known shorts, including ‘The Man Who Planted Trees,’ ‘CRAC!’ and ‘The Mighty River,’ also will be a fundraiser for 10,000 Trees.

All paid admissions will receive a complimentary one-day pass to any GRCA Park.



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